Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Diary of Social Media Crawler: @nysc_ng

Sometimes, it feels like this MY (lately controversial) LIFE is heading nowhere. I often ask myself that popular kweshun, "Emdee, What is your PURPOSE in LIFE gaaan?" But when I look at the little blessings God has given me, regardless of my age, background (and, of course, height LOL I shed tears of joy in Praises to the Ọlọ́wọ́ Gbọgbọrọ.) Wouldn't it go down in history that God used my very tiny hands to create NYSC's Official Twitter handle (@nysc_ng)? I can recall the former NYSC Director General, Brig-Gen OLAWUMI, asking Japhet Omojuwa if he knew me and also asking me if I knew him. Gaskiya, that was going to be our first time meeting and working together with JayJay. I can remember Omojuwa dashing into my Maitama office over a couple of days while we organized a series of LIVE TWITTER INTERVIEW with the DG. With those little efforts, we got the first early 400 followers on the Twitter Handle. That was sometimes in November, 2014. Through sweats, tears and blood and against all odds, we've scaled 51,000 followers on Twitter ORGANICALLY. 

51K seems like a small number, but it also means a lot to us at the team (and especially to me as the Lead) because Pioneering something like Social Media for a Public Scheme in Nigeria like the NYSC can be very frustrating. Why? Your progress is directly proportional to the interests and/or commitment of the Ogas at the Top. And when it comes to subjects like Tech, Social Media, Innovation etc. guess what their interest looks like? Lemme kúkú write a book about that.
Here's saying THANK YOU to everyone for being with me on this journey. I may not have a lot of (personal) followers, but I can say Social Media has been very good to me. Let's do more

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