Monday, 19 June 2017

The Upgraded NYSC Official Website: My Testimony!

In 2012 I was just about to graduate from the University; Getting ready to go for National Service, I jumped on the NYSC Official website and it displayed "webpage not available"; "What non-sense!", I cursed. Days later, same problem. It then became apparent to me that the NYSC website has been permanently down and nobody probably noticed. I was further frustrated. Then, I checked again and the website came up. Damn it, it was one boring flat website like that. I hissed, I blamed the government; "Is this worthy to be called the NYSC Website?", I laughed sarcastically. . My other mind said, "Well, what's my own?"

I finally went for National service, worked at a few places, things happened really fast and in 2014, after some twists of events, I found myself working for the same NYSC. Really? Life can sha set somebody up!

It's a huge scheme that is not devoid of all the bureaucratic bottlenecks we know with MDAs; I started off my career on a high note by building NYSC's first and official Mobile Application and setting up the first Social Media Strategy team for the scheme amongst other things, but I kept my eye on how to solve that problem that pissed me off in 2012. Earlier this year the opportunity came and I VOLUNTEERED to help rebuild the NYSC Official website that is as old as (..fill in the gap...); A project team was setup and I was commissioned to lead it. 

To the Glory of God, in the early hours of today 19th June 2017, we uploaded an entirely new website for the NYSC to replace that one that got me disappointed in 2012. This upgraded website is responsive and has new & improved features as approved by the scheme.  Kindly take a look at the new website ( and I will be glad to hear and forward your recommendations to the Project Team & Management.

Here is a truth I found out, sometimes the "people at the top" can't change a bad system because they either don't even know it is bad or not convinced enough that anything is wrong with the system. So, if you see a problem: Curate a Solution and Don't keep quiet;
I am not here to gainsay, I only see this as a small step for me and a huge leap for the youthful majority of this country whom I see as the leaders of today, not tomorrow. Change may take time, but if we never give up it will eventually happen. For sure, it is not the strength of a river that makes it break through a rock but its persistence. 

Sometimes we think the government is one invisible thing while we forget that there can't be a GOVERNMENT without a PEOPLE. We, the people, should never underestimate our individual power to positively INFLUENCE and CHANGE the world (around us). You don't have to be the best, you don't have to be the President, you don't have to be a Politician, you just have to SEE YOURSELF AS PART OF THE SOLUTION and VOLUNTEER to make something (no matter how small) work. I am humbled and grateful for God's grace making me the change I wanted to see in the world. Dreams actually come true sha!

I am Emdee Tiamiyu and You Have a Right to be Motivated.

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