Monday, 6 June 2016

TEDxIsaleGeneral 2016: Let’s Get This Started!

Good morning Ladies & Gentlemen.
I am Emdee Tiamiyu and I welcome you on board flight TEDxIG2016.
I’ll be your captain on the flight.
I have a couple of awesome and proficient co-pilots working with me to ensure we deliver incredible inspirational flight services to your satisfaction.
TEDx is a self-organized event with license from the TED Global Community, New York.
TEDx brings people together to share a TED-like experience in a local comminuty.
TEDxIsaleGeneral is the very first TEDx event to be licensed for Ogbomoso and the second for Oyo State, Nigeria.
TEDxIsaleGeneral is about the Unusual, the Abnormal and the Crazy!
That’s why we themed it: “Beyond the Walls”
We are set to bring forth stories of people who were Unusual, Abnormal and Crazy enough to see things Beyond the walls;
You can only imagine what I am talking about, right?
With TEDxIsaleGeneral, community development has never been any better;
We’ve been contacting people with Jaw-breaking, Incredible and TED-Like Stories who would come share their experiences and inspire the whole world for many years to come;

The list of our speakers would “wooow” you, even before they speak!
We’ll soon be serving you our impeccable in-flight delicacies, but before that kindly take a moment to join us on social media for details of the event. Please invite your friends to do same;
Details on how to register and attend will be posted shortly.
For Partnerships, Sponsorships, Nominations and Collaborations, Kindly contact us via the above email.
This is just 2.34% of what you need to know about TEDxIsaleGeneral.
Till I come back with more information, I say thank you for choosing to fly with us “Beyond the Walls”.
Enjoy your flight.

Yours in Community Service,
Emdee Tiamiyu,
Curator, TEDxIsaleGeneral.

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