Tuesday, 14 June 2016

How the Best Leaders Lead by Brian Tracy

   If you have ever doubted Newton’s postulations about inertia, stop doubting right now. I have been trying to write this post since Nineteen-Ninety-God-Knows-When. Bae, Inertia is real jor! Okay, now that I have overcome the invisible forces of inertia holding me back from writing this post, let me write. I say write. Alaye, stop wasting our time. Write something abeg! Oya, lemme sha write!
         Since January, 2016, Mark Zuckerberg has been running all around the world; Since January, 2016, Emdee Tiamiyu has been reading all around the world (actually a green-white-green world called Nigeria); “How the Best Leaders Lead” by Baba Brian Tracy is my 4th book for the year and likely my 6th  Brian Tracy title. I have read so many books on management and some have intimidating sizes that make people do “hmmm!” when they see you holding them, but to be candid some of those books contain absolute jargons and watery stuff. In just 238 pages, Brian Train killed it and passed across the finest strategies of Leadership.

     Again, I have read lots of titles from the same author and most times it gets to a point where the stuffs in the different book become repetitive; You’re like “I’ve read this in his other book”. Can you relate? However, that is not the case for this awesome book. I’ll not like to lie, Baba made a great impression on me again with this book.
         When I discussed this book with some of my mentees, the first thing they thought was “Our leaders in Nigeria should read this kind of book”; As much as they are correct, the book made it clear that Leadership is not by position, but by action; The responsibility of Leadership lies on all of our shoulders at home, business, career and not just the political space;
      The moment you’re in charge of one or more persons or other people’s job depends on the output of yours, you’re a leader. There are lots of interesting Chapters and Subsections in the book, but my favourite is Chapter 6 where Baba talked about “Building Winning Teams”; For the most part of what I do, I am always building, managing and working with teams; that’s why I consider that chapter as my new Team Building Bible.
      If you’re wondering why I keep calling Brian Tracy Baba, here’s my response; Anyone of his AGE, with his WISDOM and who is likely to have an ear infection can be called Baba.
You’re sharing this post at your own risk! LOL!
Thanks for reading.

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